Fifty–five students from McGill-Toolen Catholic High School have been awarded the title of “AP Scholar”. They scored 3 out of 5 on at least 3 or more AP Exams. Twelve of them were designated as AP Scholars with Honor because they scored 3.25 or higher on at least 4 AP exams. Thirteen others are AP Scholar with Distinction by scoring 3.5 or higher on at least 5 AP exams.

The senior AP Scholars are Allison Bourdon, Frank Foley, Ian Garrison, Sophia Girardeau, Morgan Harlan, Rife Jones, Addy Lockett, Cassie Mahler, Denman Mims, Connor Plessala, Kathleen Powers, Marie Robison, Ashley Roca, Emily Smith, Katherine Sweet, Kayla Thomas, Fallon Thompson, Nicole Walker, Hallea Ward and Lauren Webber. The Class of 2011 AP Scholars are Andrew Barbera, Ryan Campbell, James Friedlander, Blayne Henning, Luke Madison, Catherin Odom, Ashley Pierce, Jennifer Rensink and Sarah Schneider.

The senior AP Scholars with Honor are Brantley Arata, Kendal Dekle, Michael Duffey, Adrian Eves, Matthew Heubach, Paul Lagarde, Sean Landry, Chiedza Mupanomunda, and Ali Pardue.

The Class of 2011 AP Scholars with Honor are Kathleen Brandau, Ryan O’Connor, and Claire Schmidt/p>

The Class of 2011 AP Scholars with Distinction are Abigail Alsip, Keith Castelin, Claire Cawthon, Evan Cox, Philip Dempsey, Amira El-Hamaki, Kaitlin Fellrath, Iliana Garcia, Mary McElroy, Peyton Plessala, David Roveda, Melinda Russo, and Don Wagnon.

Pictured are the McT senior AP Scholars: Sophia Giradeau, Katherine Sweet, Nicole Walker, Lauren Webber, Kathleen Powers, Cassie Mahler, Chiedza Mupanomunda, Ali Pardu, Kendal Dekle, Michael Duffey, Allison Bourdon, Matthew Heubach, Addy Lockett, Sean Landry,Kayla Thomas, Brantley Arata, Marie Robison, Frank Foley, Fallon Thompson, Hallea Ward, Ashley Roca, Iam Garrison, Adrian Eves, Denman Mims, Paul Lagarde, Emily Smith, Morgan Harlan, Connor Plessala and Rife Jones.


Contributing to our Children's Tomorrow

The McGill-Toolen Foundation was first established in 1978. It began as an organization dedicated to the promotion of alumni support for the high school and the creation of a diocesan office for the organized solicitation of funds. Under the original Foundation, the Catholic High Schools Alumni Association of Mobile (CHSAAM) was formed and the annual fund solicitation program began. In 1996, with the authorization of Archbishop Oscar H. Lipscomb, the McGill-Toolen Foundation was reconstituted for the purpose of addressing the need for stable, long term financial support for the school. The endowment value reached $1,000,000 in 1997 and has continued to grow with a share of the Annual Fund collections, the receipt of planned giving contributions and prudent investment of the endowment corpus in publicly traded stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

The Foundation's investment program utilizes the services of a compensated institutional investment advisor and is overseen by a fifteen member board composed of active and retired professionals from a variety of fields.

Planned Giving

Do you want to help shape the future of McGill-Toolen Catholic High School? If so, you may want to consider making a planned gift. A planned gift is a gift given through your assets as opposed to your monthly income. The form of the gift could be appreciated securities, real estate, life insurance policy, bequest in your will, charitable trust, gift annuity, retirement account funds or an outright cash gift. In order to achieve its primary goal of providing long-term financial support for the school, the Foundation must look to supporters of McGill-Toolen Catholic High School for growth through planned giving. By making a planned gift to the Foundation you will be recognized with membership in the LIPSCOMB LEGACY SOCIETY and honored at the annual Founder's Dinner.


Memorial gifts to the Foundation meet two important needs. First, the gift allows you to express your feelings at the loss of a loved one and secondly, the gift supports McGill-Toolen's unique and time-honored tradition of educational excellence. Memorial gifts may be restricted or unrestricted. Appropriate cards are sent to the bereaved family indicating your memorial gift was made without disclosing the amount of the gift.

Memorials should be sent to the:
McGill-Toolen Foundation
1501 Old Shell Road
Mobile, AL. 36604

For more information, contact Kathy Killion
(251) 445-2939 or email


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