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Annual Fund
When are Annual Fund Gifts Due?
Who is Asked to Participate in the Annual Fund?
How Are Annual Fund Dollars Used?
How Can I Make a Gift?
How can I make a gift with Stock or Other Securities?

What is Jacket Jubilation?

When are Annual Fund Gifts Due?
Annual Fund contributions are solicited in the Fall. They are due by June 30 of each calendar year. The fiscal year for the Annual Fund is July 1- June 30. The costs of an annual fund drive are significant - printing, mailing, record keeping and follow-up. As a result we ask that you respond quickly to help us keep our costs down. Decide what level you want to support the school annually by sending in your donation without prompting.

Who is Asked to Participate in the Annual Fund?
The entire McGill-Toolen community - parents, alumni, faculty, staff, grandparents of current students, and friends are all asked to participate in the Annual Fund.

How Are Annual Fund Dollars Used?
Annual Fund revenues are a part of the budgeted operating revenues for teachers' salaries. McGill-Toolen must have these monies to operate. Annual Fund dollars are also used for the Endowment, CHSAAM (Catholic High Schools of Mobile Alumni Association) operating expenses and special projects designated annually by the president.

How Can I Make a Gift?
Solicitations for the Annual Fund are mailed each Fall. You may pledge or make a gift at that time. Gifts may be made in the form of cash, checks, stocks, or other investments. VISA and MASTERCARD are also accepted. Contact the Development Office at (251) 441-0809 for more details or a pledge envelope.

How to make a gift with stock or other securities?
Donating Stock
A. If the stock is in a brokerage or stock account:
1. Contact you broker and indicate the number of shares you are donating to McGill-Toolen.
2. Ask your broker to transfer the securities to the McGill-Toolen account.

DTC: 5198
For Credit: Account 574-04494
Name of: McGill-Toolen Catholic High School
(Merrill Lynch will liquidate the securities and send the proceeds to McGill-Toolen.)

3. Please inform the McGill-Toolen Development Office of the following information
a. Name of stock and the number of shares
b. Your name, address, and telephone number
c. The purpose of the gift, i.e., the campaign to which the gift is earmarked
d. The date of the gift.

To keep track of all gifts, it would be helpful to have a copy for our records so we can anticipate the arrival of the funds, please mail, fax, or email the information to:

Development Office
McGill-Toolen Catholic High School
1501 Old Shell Road
Mobile, Alabama 36604
(251)433-8356 (Fax)

If the gift is in the form of a stock certificate registered in your name
Send the stock certificate(s) plus a signed Stock Power (available at Merrill Lynch or any brokerage house) under separate cover to:

3674 Dauphin Street
Mobile, Ala. 36608
Attn: Hodges Harty III
Phone: (251) 345-0228
(800) 611-4943

The donor's signature must either bend the certificate under separate cover ensures the stock can only be transferred with both documents.
Please call, fax or e-mail the Development Office so we may be expecting the gift.

If you have any questions, you may call Kim Dunne at 251-445-2910 or our broker Hodges Harty III at Merrill Lynch at (251) 345-0228

What is Jacket Jubilation?
Jacket Jubilation is the a silent and live auction event for all alumni, parents and friends of McGill-Toolen. This auction is held March 25, 2010 . For more information on sponsorship opportunities, contact the Development Office (251) 445-2911.


Kim Dunne
Director of Development
(251) 445-2910

Marian Watts
Alumni Director
(251) 445-2913

Kathy Killion
Foundation Director
(251) 445-2939

Paul Knapstein
Director of Enrollment
(251) 445-2934

Office Manager
(251) 445-2912

Mary Kay Rasp
(251) 445-2911