Mary McElroy
McGill-Toolen Class of 2011

By Rachel Robertson, Class of 2012

As a small town girl living in Robertsdale, Mary McElroy has always dreamed of living in the big city, and now she finally has her chance. Accepted to Barnard College in New York City, Mary has certainly made McGill-Toolen proud. Her hard work and leadership are exemplified not only through a rigorous course load but through varsity soccer and multiple clubs as well. Lettering in a varsity sport her junior and senior year, Mary has learned what balancing a schedule really means. Her commute to school takes an hour, and her soccer practice and homework often grow overwhelming. She explains that taking on so many responsibilities has taught her how to discover what is important in life: school, soccer, family, and friends. Even with athletics and academics, she always makes time for a social life. She credits McT for her Catholic education that readies her to face any challenge that may arise in the future. Devoted not only to God but to school as well, Mary serves in the Ambassador Club, National Honor Society, Scholars Bowl, Hi-Q Team, and The McGillian newspaper, using her impressive intellect to give back to McGill. She eagerly accepted the challenge of five AP classes her senior year, ultimately graduating with a 4.17 weighted GPA and 32 on the ACT. Becoming a National Merit Commended Student and voted Ideal Graduate of McT, Mary became the desired student of every college; she received an appointment to the Coast Guard Academy, was accepted to the Honors Program at Boston College, and was accepted to Fordham University where she was offered the Deanís Honor Scholarship. Despite all of her options, Mary was most attracted to Barnard College, where she will attend this upcoming fall majoring in environmental biology.

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The purpose of the Office of Admissions is to provide services and information to parents who inquire about entering their students at McGill-Toolen Catholic High School. The Director of Admissions chairs meetings of the Admission Committee.

Office of Admissions Hours: 7:30-4:00

For test registration and admissions information, please call (251) 445-2934

Tuition Rates 2013-14

The following are the tuition rates for the school year 2013-14 approved by the McGill-Toolen Board of Education and the Archbishop.

Catholic Students
1 Catholic Child $ 6,700.00
2 Catholic Children $ 13,400.00
3 Catholic Children $16,700.00

Non-Catholic Students
Per Child $7,980.00

AEP Students pay an additional $800.00 per student.
Students in an athletic program pay $100.00 per activity;
those in band and color guard pay $100.

Payment Schedule

March 6-March 15(Upperclassmen)
March 20;25-28(incoming Freshmen)
$100.00 per student registration fee

June 1, 2013*
 $100 per family tuition deposit
+ $330.00 per family capitol repairs/technology fee
= total of $430 per family

$25.00 per family automatic draft processing fee

July 1, 2013*
$260.00 per student comprehensive academic fee(PER STUDENT)
$100.00 driver education fee(Sophomores Only)
$   60.00 graduation fee (Seniors Only)

*All payments, including summer fees, will be made by electronic funds transfers.

  1 Child 2 Children 3 Children  
Aug. 1, 2013 $660.00 $1,330.00 $1,660.00 $788.00
Sept. 1, 2013 $660.00 $1,330.00 $1,660.00 $788.00
Oct. 1, 2013 $660.00 $1,330.00 $1,660.00 $788.00
Nov. 1, 2013 $660.00 $1,330.00 $1,660.00 $788.00
Dec. 1, 2013 $660.00 $1,330.00 $1,660.00 $788.00
Jan. 1, 2014 $660.00 $1,330.00 $1,660.00 $788.00
Feb. 1, 2014 $660.00 $1,330.00 $1,660.00 $788.00
Mar. 1, 2014 $660.00 $1,330.00 $1,660.00 $788.00
Apr. 1, 2014 $660.00 $1,330.00 $1,660.00 $788.00
May 1, 2014 $660.00 $1,330.00 $1,660.00 $788.00

Requests for Transcripts
  1. Local Alumni should come to the Registrar's Office in the McGill Building to fill out a Transcript Request Form and pay a $3.00 fee.
  2. Out-of-town Alumni should mail a written request to the Registrar's Office, McGill-Toolen Catholic High School, 1501 Old Shell Rd. Mobile, AL 36604 and include a $3.00 check or money order for each transcript requested. The request should state the name of the student while enrolled at McGill-Toolen, the year of graduation,and the name and address of the person or institution to receive the transcript. The request must also have the signature of the alumna/alumnae.
  3. Transcripts mailed directly to Alumni will be “Unofficial.”

To contact the Admissions Office:
(251) 445-2934

For a Tour please contact:
Paul Knapstein
(251) 445-2934

Mailing Address:
1501 Old Shell Road
Mobile, Ala. 36604

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