Fifty–five students from McGill-Toolen Catholic High School have been awarded the title of “AP Scholar”. They scored 3 out of 5 on at least 3 or more AP Exams. Twelve of them were designated as AP Scholars with Honor because they scored 3.25 or higher on at least 4 AP exams. Thirteen others are AP Scholar with Distinction by scoring 3.5 or higher on at least 5 AP exams.

The senior AP Scholars are Allison Bourdon, Frank Foley, Ian Garrison, Sophia Girardeau, Morgan Harlan, Rife Jones, Addy Lockett, Cassie Mahler, Denman Mims, Connor Plessala, Kathleen Powers, Marie Robison, Ashley Roca, Emily Smith, Katherine Sweet, Kayla Thomas, Fallon Thompson, Nicole Walker, Hallea Ward and Lauren Webber. The Class of 2011 AP Scholars are Andrew Barbera, Ryan Campbell, James Friedlander, Blayne Henning, Luke Madison, Catherin Odom, Ashley Pierce, Jennifer Rensink and Sarah Schneider.

The senior AP Scholars with Honor are Brantley Arata, Kendal Dekle, Michael Duffey, Adrian Eves, Matthew Heubach, Paul Lagarde, Sean Landry, Chiedza Mupanomunda, and Ali Pardue.

The Class of 2011 AP Scholars with Honor are Kathleen Brandau, Ryan O’Connor, and Claire Schmidt/p>

The Class of 2011 AP Scholars with Distinction are Abigail Alsip, Keith Castelin, Claire Cawthon, Evan Cox, Philip Dempsey, Amira El-Hamaki, Kaitlin Fellrath, Iliana Garcia, Mary McElroy, Peyton Plessala, David Roveda, Melinda Russo, and Don Wagnon.

Pictured are the McT senior AP Scholars: Sophia Giradeau, Katherine Sweet, Nicole Walker, Lauren Webber, Kathleen Powers, Cassie Mahler, Chiedza Mupanomunda, Ali Pardu, Kendal Dekle, Michael Duffey, Allison Bourdon, Matthew Heubach, Addy Lockett, Sean Landry,Kayla Thomas, Brantley Arata, Marie Robison, Frank Foley, Fallon Thompson, Hallea Ward, Ashley Roca, Iam Garrison, Adrian Eves, Denman Mims, Paul Lagarde, Emily Smith, Morgan Harlan, Connor Plessala and Rife Jones.

Campus Ministries

The campus ministry program at McGill-Toolen provides opportunities for the spiritual development of all students. It is a peer based ministry program, allowing students to minister to other students. It does so through numerous different activities:

Fall/Spring Retreats

These retreats are the apex of McT Campus Ministry. A team of seniors spend months and many many hours preparing an awesome weekend retreat. The weekend is under the direction of the Campus Minister, Daniel Johnson, but is completely run by the students. Students have the opportunity to hear talks, participate in small group discussions, participate in the sacraments, and have an all around good time! The weekend takes place at Camp Cullen on beautiful Mobile Bay. The little fee covers all retreat materials and all meals.

Any seniors interested are invited to be part of the retreat team tp plan each retreat.

Pro-Life Club

The Pro-Life club provides opportunities for students to be involved in promoting a greater respect for life in all stages - from conception until natural death. The year is highlighted by an annual pilgrimage to Washington , D.C. to participate in the March for Life. The club also participates in the annual area Life Chain, holds a Holy Hour for Life, attends pro-life conferences and works to support 2B Choices for Women, a local crisis pregnancy center.


This lock-in is for 7th and 8th grade Catholic students to help them grow in their faith. A team of McT junior students plans games, talks and more geared to a 7 th and 8 th grade audience. This is a great opportunity for grade school students to meet students from other schools. Listening to high school students share about their faith lives gives younger students insight into the challenges and opportunities of high school.

Praise and Worship

Once a week, students gather to worship God through inspirational songs. A short teaching is given on matters the Bible, matters of faith, or another topic. All students are welcome to participate! Currently, Praise and Worship meets every Monday night at 6:00 PM in the Toolen Chapel.

Project MAN

Project MAN is a men's prayer group founded to support and encourage young men to live lives of heroic virtue and fidelity to the Gospel. It meets Monday mornings at 7:15 AM in the Campus Ministry office.

Team Woman

Similar to Project MAN, Team Woman is a faith sharing and prayer group for young women The women meet once a week to discuss issues faced by young women in the Church and the world today. Meetings are Friday mornings at 7:15 AM in the Campus Ministry Office.

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