Spencer Gayles
McGill-Toolen Class of 2011

Spencer Gayles is the epitome of a well-rounded student. He excels in the academic arena with an all Honors and AP curriculum. He is a member of the National Honor Society and has a 3.63 GPA. He received full scholarships to LSU and Springhill College and received the Spirit of Auburn Foundation Scholarship. He has chosen to attend LSU where he will march in the Tiger Marching Band.

Spencer is also dedicated to serving the community and living his Catholic faith. He is an active member of the Servants of the Poor, Pro-Life Club and Campus Ministry. He volunteers much of his time to community service. He was recently awarded the Development Office “Jacket Jubilation Meritorious Award” for his countless hours of service which are often done behind-the-scenes for no other reward or recognition other than helping and serving others. He is also a Student Ambassador and is a favorite on the McT Road Shows at his alma mater, St. Ignatius. He is the perfect student to speak on the topic of extracurricular involvement since he is involved in so much at McT!

But the thing Spencer is most passionate about is his music. He plays the violin, the guitar, and saxophone. He is a member of the McT Marching Band, Jazz Band and Symphoic Band. He attributes his self-motivation and persistence to his being a self-taught musician. “Regardless of whether it is learning an instrument or climbing the corporate ladder, it is ultimately up to one’s self to decide whether or not success is plausible.” Spencer feels he learned the importance of teamwork and self –discipline through being a part of the McT marching band. He says, “You have to have a lot of trust in your teammates when you have eighty band members walking backwards and anticipating being in the correct spot at the correct time”. He is also a member of the Chamber Singers, utilizing his musical talents in even another medium.

Spencer is a student who can “do it all and do it well”. His dedication to academics, service to others and his music will take him far in life.

Student Activities

Strange Colonial Tales

Mr. Kirk Powell is to be congratulated on another successful play performed by his Drama Club. He and the members of the Club appreciate the support of the Administration, Faculty and Staff.

The stage manager for the play was Amanda Cross. There were a few ghosts roaming the auditorium and some of the sound effects had the audience jumping out of their seats. The spirits and pranksters were Kaitlyn Mount and Shannon Donaldson.

Jennae, a mulatto slave, played by Christina McCarty, tells the story of "The Turning Skull" in the first act of the play, "Strange Colonial Tales" preseted by the Drama Club on April 14, 15 and 16th.

Senior, Joe Aquirre, took the role of Josiah James, a yeoman farmer. He had two stories to tell. Each was equally frightening. He told about the Dead Man's Grip and The Cheater. You can see the stake and the hammer in his hand as he relates the story of the Dear Man's Grip.


Senior, Thomas Martenstein, also known as, Lazy Lucas, played the part of an indentured servant. His powerful story was about the witch of Pungo.




William Stewart played the part of a Plantation Owner, Mr. Thomas Forright. He tells to sad story of a "Broken Heart" and the ghosts that visit.


The part of Priscilla Holman, a refined lady, was played by senior, Lydia Wimberly. Her story about the Little Shepard was very touching.

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