Fifty–five students from McGill-Toolen Catholic High School have been awarded the title of “AP Scholar”. They scored 3 out of 5 on at least 3 or more AP Exams. Twelve of them were designated as AP Scholars with Honor because they scored 3.25 or higher on at least 4 AP exams. Thirteen others are AP Scholar with Distinction by scoring 3.5 or higher on at least 5 AP exams.

The senior AP Scholars are Allison Bourdon, Frank Foley, Ian Garrison, Sophia Girardeau, Morgan Harlan, Rife Jones, Addy Lockett, Cassie Mahler, Denman Mims, Connor Plessala, Kathleen Powers, Marie Robison, Ashley Roca, Emily Smith, Katherine Sweet, Kayla Thomas, Fallon Thompson, Nicole Walker, Hallea Ward and Lauren Webber. The Class of 2011 AP Scholars are Andrew Barbera, Ryan Campbell, James Friedlander, Blayne Henning, Luke Madison, Catherin Odom, Ashley Pierce, Jennifer Rensink and Sarah Schneider.

The senior AP Scholars with Honor are Brantley Arata, Kendal Dekle, Michael Duffey, Adrian Eves, Matthew Heubach, Paul Lagarde, Sean Landry, Chiedza Mupanomunda, and Ali Pardue.

The Class of 2011 AP Scholars with Honor are Kathleen Brandau, Ryan O’Connor, and Claire Schmidt/p>

The Class of 2011 AP Scholars with Distinction are Abigail Alsip, Keith Castelin, Claire Cawthon, Evan Cox, Philip Dempsey, Amira El-Hamaki, Kaitlin Fellrath, Iliana Garcia, Mary McElroy, Peyton Plessala, David Roveda, Melinda Russo, and Don Wagnon.

Pictured are the McT senior AP Scholars: Sophia Giradeau, Katherine Sweet, Nicole Walker, Lauren Webber, Kathleen Powers, Cassie Mahler, Chiedza Mupanomunda, Ali Pardu, Kendal Dekle, Michael Duffey, Allison Bourdon, Matthew Heubach, Addy Lockett, Sean Landry,Kayla Thomas, Brantley Arata, Marie Robison, Frank Foley, Fallon Thompson, Hallea Ward, Ashley Roca, Iam Garrison, Adrian Eves, Denman Mims, Paul Lagarde, Emily Smith, Morgan Harlan, Connor Plessala and Rife Jones.


“Science can purify religion from error and superstition. Religion can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes.”
— Pope John Paul II

The mission of McGill-Toolen is to provide an education that enables individuals to grow in faith, to search for knowledge and truth, and to continue building the Kingdom of God on earth.

Theology Department Requirements

Emphasis on spiritual growth and moral response are factors that contribute to the uniqueness of McGill-Toolen. To this end the Religion Department provides a program of formal religious training based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.

Encouraging understanding and respect for each individual, providing opportunities for prayer and worship, and promoting Christian service, the department aims to create a sense of community by which students come to realize that they are the Church.

Four credits in religion are required for graduation. All religion courses are noncontinuous. Students must pass each semester session.

Theology Department Goals

Respecting each McGill-Toolen student as God's unique creation, the Catechetical Team receives each one as God's special gift-in-trust. Consequently, the members of the Team see as their primary goal the development in each student of a personal relationship with the living God, present in God's world in Jesus Christ and in his members, individually and gathered as Church, through the action of the Holy Spirit.

To this end, the Team provides, as the basis for individual, spiritual growth and fuller religious commitment, a program of formal Christian instruction, founded on Divine Revelation within the context of the Roman Catholic tradition; provides opportunities for individual and communal prayer, for the celebration of the sacraments, particularly of the Eucharist and Reconciliation, and for active participation in the liturgical feasts and seasons of the Church year; provides motivation and opportunities for loving Christian service within the home and in the local community, particularly on behalf of those in need; fosters a genuine community in which the needs of each member become the primary concern of all the rest, as all draw closer to the Lord, who is the Head of his Body, the Church on earth.

As a result of its ministry, the Catechetical Team strives:

  • To develop student awareness of God as Transcendent, yet present as Jesus in our world
  • To develop student understanding of the Scriptural basis for Christian beliefs and the Christian way of life
  • To develop student understanding of the human processes by which Christian doctrine, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, has unfolded to its present state, and continues to develop
  • To develop student understanding of the rational basis for their faith and with sound criteria for assessing the values and claims of the world
  • To provide students with controlled circumstances in which they may exercise their developing powers of judgment and choice
  • To develop student commitment to social justice through the protection of human dignity and the promotion of the common good, as a means of building the Kingdom of God on earth
  • To develop student understanding of the sacramental system of the Catholic Church and to provide opportunities for creative planning of and participation in, worship services and celebrations of the sacraments
  • To provide students with instruction in, and opportunities for, varieties of prayer in private and in common
  • To provide students with opportunities to exercise the Christian leadership of service and love both within the school community and in work and those in need.

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