Fifty–five students from McGill-Toolen Catholic High School have been awarded the title of “AP Scholar”. They scored 3 out of 5 on at least 3 or more AP Exams. Twelve of them were designated as AP Scholars with Honor because they scored 3.25 or higher on at least 4 AP exams. Thirteen others are AP Scholar with Distinction by scoring 3.5 or higher on at least 5 AP exams.

The senior AP Scholars are Allison Bourdon, Frank Foley, Ian Garrison, Sophia Girardeau, Morgan Harlan, Rife Jones, Addy Lockett, Cassie Mahler, Denman Mims, Connor Plessala, Kathleen Powers, Marie Robison, Ashley Roca, Emily Smith, Katherine Sweet, Kayla Thomas, Fallon Thompson, Nicole Walker, Hallea Ward and Lauren Webber. The Class of 2011 AP Scholars are Andrew Barbera, Ryan Campbell, James Friedlander, Blayne Henning, Luke Madison, Catherin Odom, Ashley Pierce, Jennifer Rensink and Sarah Schneider.

The senior AP Scholars with Honor are Brantley Arata, Kendal Dekle, Michael Duffey, Adrian Eves, Matthew Heubach, Paul Lagarde, Sean Landry, Chiedza Mupanomunda, and Ali Pardue.

The Class of 2011 AP Scholars with Honor are Kathleen Brandau, Ryan O’Connor, and Claire Schmidt/p>

The Class of 2011 AP Scholars with Distinction are Abigail Alsip, Keith Castelin, Claire Cawthon, Evan Cox, Philip Dempsey, Amira El-Hamaki, Kaitlin Fellrath, Iliana Garcia, Mary McElroy, Peyton Plessala, David Roveda, Melinda Russo, and Don Wagnon.

Pictured are the McT senior AP Scholars: Sophia Giradeau, Katherine Sweet, Nicole Walker, Lauren Webber, Kathleen Powers, Cassie Mahler, Chiedza Mupanomunda, Ali Pardu, Kendal Dekle, Michael Duffey, Allison Bourdon, Matthew Heubach, Addy Lockett, Sean Landry,Kayla Thomas, Brantley Arata, Marie Robison, Frank Foley, Fallon Thompson, Hallea Ward, Ashley Roca, Iam Garrison, Adrian Eves, Denman Mims, Paul Lagarde, Emily Smith, Morgan Harlan, Connor Plessala and Rife Jones.

Foreign Language Resources

Spanish Language Resources

English-Spanish dictionary
Spanish-English and English-Spanish Dictionaries
Excellent dictionaries - Spanish-Spanish, Spanish-English and English-Spanish
English/Spanish Picture Dictionary - High schoolers can also have fun using this site.
Another English/Spanish Picture Dictionary
Web Spanish Lessons - Three Spanish lessons to teach basic knowledge, grammar, and vocabulary for Mexican Spanish
Vocabulary Builder - Learn a new word each day
Basic Spanish Words with Pronunciation - Includes vowels, alphabet, basics, numbers, days of the week, months, etc.
All Info About Spanish Language - A free resource for students and teachers. One or two new lessons are added each week.
1,2,3 Spanish - This site is designed to help students learn to speak Spanish. Our design allows students to see the word, see the picture, and hear the pronunciation of many common Spanish words. The site also has information on Spanish speaking countries and many fun games to help you learn.
Spanish Grammar - Detailed description of all aspects of Spanish grammar
Spanish Grammar Exercises
Translator Alligator - Why not have some fun learning Spanish?
Spanish Tongue Twisters - 148 trabalenguas with translations
Let this site help you master irregular Spanish verbs

Spanish Cultural Resources
The Tourist Office of Spain offers you some basic information
Review the entire history of Spain
Spanish proverbs and sayings
Learn about The Days of the Dead
Learn here about Spanish cultural manifestations through the ages
Art, music, theater, literature, etc.
Typical Spanish Dishes
Try cooking one of these for your Spanish teacher!
Ever heard of the Kingdom of Araucania & Patagonia?
It's in the South American countries of Chile and Argentina
The Kings and Queens of Spain
Spanish Arts
Visit several museums in Spain
Football Information from Spain
(in other words, soccer)
San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Visit this beautiful site in Spain
La Tauromaquia: The Art of Bullfighting
Cultural Profiles Project
Here you will find cultural profiles of many Spanish-speaking countries, including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Repunlic, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela
Mayan Folktales for your reading pleasure
Relief and political maps of all the Latin American countries
The state of Chihuahua is the largest state in Mexico
Gaudí Central
The life and works of Antonio Gaudí, designer of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
Virtual Journey of Spain
Mexican Cuisine
You can read this site in Spanish, too
The Virtual Diego Rivera Web Museum
Learn about this Mexican artist
Rabbit in the Moon
Mayan hieroglyphics, architecture, calendar, games, and much more
Puro Mariachi
More than you will ever want to know about Mariachi music
Flamenco Direct from Andalucia Spain
Learn about this special dance
The Cervantes Project
A comprehensive reference and research site dedicated to the study of Cervantes' works and life

French Language Resources
French-English dictionary
English/French Picture Dictionary
High schoolers can also have fun using this
Another English/French Picture Dictionary
French thesaurus
French pronunciation guide
Small English-French and French-English dictionaries
Conjugate a French verb
by selecting the tense and entering the infinitive form of the verb in the box
Conjugate any French verb in any tense and mood
Bilingual French-English dictionary
Learn here about every aspect of French grammar

French Cultural Resources
A nice interactive map of France
The Paris Pages - a collection of everything regarding the City of Light
Take this quiz about France and French culture
Email your answers and you might do well enough to have a postcard sent you from France
Learn here about certain aspects of French culture and the heritage of France
Here you will discover each region of France
Christmas Traditions in France and Canada
Antique Regional Wine Growing Maps for French Wine Connoisseurs
Find out what the weather is like today in France
France and all things French
from the perspectiveof the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Enjoy this exhibit from the Library of Congress entitled "Creating French Culture"
Gargoyles of Notre Dame
If you're into history, learn here about the French peerage (pairie) from its origins to the 19th century
Still into history? Learn about art and culture in 16th-century France
French Cathedrals, Basilicas and Churches
Eiffel Tower
Palace of Versailles
The Tour de France
If you're a bicyclist, here's your stop
The Louvre Museum
La Nouvelle-Orléans et la Louisiane
Read about New Orleans in French

Latin Language Resources
Latin dictionary and grammar aid
Cafe Glencoe
Games and puzzles using Latin
Lingua Latina
A free program which drills users on the basics of Latin grammar
Allen and Greenough Latin Grammar
A standard Latin grammar available in its entirety online
Table of Common Latin Expressions
A grammar aid
If an ending puzzles you, look it up here and it will help you figure out what the translation might be
Latin-English dictionary
Important Latin phrases (a fun site)
Favorite Latin Sayings
Grammar Front Page
Nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, and more
Roman Art of Counting
Counting. Roman numerals. Day-Month-Year. Telling time. Grammatical use of numbers.

Latin Cultural Resources
An introduction to ancient Roman culture
Quizzes on Ancient Rome
Take a quiz on the Roman emperors
Roman mythology
Wondrous Glass
Reflections on the World of Rome c. 50 B.C. - A.D. 650
The Colosseum in Rome
Rome: The City Reborn
Visit the Vatican Museums and learn about Rome in different stages of its history
Roman Life and Customs Test
Ancient Roman recipies
Try cooking one of these for your Latin teacher!
Conimbriga: a roman town in Portugal
Tour the forum in Pompeii
Are you interested in Roman coins?
Roman art and architecture
Everyday Roman life, like how they dressed
Here's another page on Roman clothes
The daily life in Rome
Roman military equipment
Brad's Introduction to Ancient Coins
Roman Calendar
Roman Board Games
Roman Ball Games

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