McGill-Toolen Catholic High SchoolFather W. Bry Shields Jr., President

McGill-Toolen Catholic High School provides a quality secondary education which enables individuals to grow in faith, to search for knowledge and truth in mind, body, and spirit, and continue building the kingdom of God on earth. By active involvement in the learning process, students are prepared for lives of Christian leadership and service.

A Tradition of Excellence

We are extremely proud of our heritage in Catholic Education. We are privileged at McGill-Toolen through our ability to provide three important facets to our mission as educators: the best in the area of academic excellence, the best in the physical development of the body, and the most important, that which is our primary reason for existence, the spiritual development of the soul.

McGill-Toolen Catholic High School has an academically comprehensive curriculum which is accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The academic programs range from fundamental mathematics to honors and Advanced Placement programs in art, mathematics, social studies, English, foreign language and science. In addition, there is a program for students with learning disabilities.

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